Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Goals

Things went sideways again this month because of the foot injury and 2 weeks off from running so I'm again, looking forward to a new month. Unfortunately I'm starting April off with strep throat, along with the rest of my family, but anyways...

March Goals Recap:

1. Drink more water.
I have successfully been drinking more water. I've hardly had any pop or other drink besides Skratch Labs which I use when I run.
2. Find some new methods for preventing injuries. 
I've been going to the chiropractor all month and following his guidelines and exercise/stretching recommendations. Most of all, I've been listening to my body. I'll talk more about this when I recap how some of my longer runs have gone...
3. Run 180 km.
I really wanted to make this goal a possibility, but it became pretty clear after LA Marathon, that it wasn't going to happen this month. I think I'm going to put the mileage goals on hold for a while until everything is back to normal.
4. Try 4 new recipes.
I'm also disappointed in my performance with this goal. I think I tried 2. My biggest problem is keeping my groceries on a budget and it's difficult to do that when you need all the ingredients to try a new recipe. Anyways, going to keep working on this while being budget-conscious. I also hope to do a blog post about this down the line.

Now for April! On to bigger and better things hopefully.
1. Finish the Las Vegas Mustang 50th Half with no pain and injury-free! 
Obviously, rehabbing my injury and staying conscious about recovery is still, at this point, my number 1 goal when it comes to running.
2. Read 3 books.
I made this goal a while back and I was disappointed with my progress. I really enjoy reading, it helps me get to sleep at night and decompress. I read 2 books in March and I think I could bump that number up a bit.
3. Continue to work on balance between Strength Training & Running.
I was feeling pretty sluggish and lazy after my 2-week break from running to rehab my foot so I got a groupon for a bootcamp in my area at 5:30AM. I'm really enjoying it a couple of times a week. I was shooting for 3x/week, but I won't meet that goal this week because of the Strep. Also, it's definitely helping me on my quest to become a morning person! Every time I try something like this, I'm reminded how easy it is to get caught up in one type of fitness, and realize how out of shape I am otherwise. I just have to work on balancing the 2... and of course balancing them with family and school and everything else!
4. Learn how to garden.
I've learned how to successfully do a lot of things over the last few years on my own like knitting, quilting, cooking/baking, I've even picked up a tool once or twice, but one thing that I've so far not been very successful at is gardening. I've never really given it a proper chance though. I've been doing some reading and yesterday I started my very own vegetable garden. We have so much landscaping where we moved and gardening has pretty much become an essential skill...

Spring has certainly sprung around here and other than the illness, April is really looking like a positive month. How about you?


  1. For new recipes, try looking at Campbell's soup recipes either online or in a recipe book - I just bought a big one at Chapters in the clearance section but I've had a smaller one for ages. I often take the recipes, which are very basic and rarely require any new groceries except perhaps a different kind of soup (so less than $2) and jazz them up according to our tastes. Or use the basic recipe and jazz up the side dishes. They're usually pretty speedy to make, too, so easy to work around family & running life :)

    1. HOLY SMOKES, it let me comment!!

    2. Yay thanks Lisa! I'm going to check that cookbook out for sure!

  2. Hope you knock out your goals this month! Keeping that balance of strengthening exercises should definitely help you stay injury free!

    1. Thanks Janelle, I'm definitely going to work on it.